About us

Our passion is the forgotten and disused buildings of yesteryear. Hospitals, mansions, houses, military sites, industrial warehouses and factories; if it’s old, new or in between and in risk of being lost from memory, we want to photograph it and document it.

Our aim is to provide a quality collection of photos and as much historical background of each and every place we visit. We will also be posting photos of places that have proved difficult to find history on and will ask for any knowledge of said locations from our fan base.

Please know this: we will NOT provide methods or tactics for gaining entry to any location.


The content of this site is purely for enjoyment and historical purposes only. We do not condone, encourage, or endorse any illicit activity or any activity they may be hazardous or detrimental to ones health. Many of the locations pictured and discussed on this site are private property and off limits to the public, as such they may be patrolled by private security, local law enforcement, and/or property owners and their affiliates. We ask that you respect their rights, property, and privacy, and obey any and all directions given to you (both verbal and posted). Please note: you are subject to arrest, fines and/or imprisonment if you are caught trespassing. Be aware that these places have been abandoned for a variety of reason and are in various states of disrepair; there may be toxic molds, chemicals, and bio-hazards present as well as unsafe structures. Your actions are entirely at your own risk. We will not post any photos that contain people as this may be used against you if legal actions are pursued. All rights reserved. All content on this website is protected by the US copyright law and may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, published, or broadcast without express written consent of History In Ruin or the proprietor of the content. Once again, please remember this website was created for historical and enjoyment purposes only so please respect and use it as such.